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Why is it important?

Industry 4.0 has been stopped short because of 3 big challenges: Security, Interoperability and Legacy technology. dOISP solves all 3 without interfering in existing systems architecture, communication protocols or anything else.
  • Weak security of existing edge devices in IIoT networks, and the combination of future vulnerabilities with topological unsuitability of PKI and certificate based security for decentralized mesh networks
  • Lack of truly decentralized point-to-point, secure technology for connecting devices with diverse technologies in mesh networks
  • Inability to easily and cheaply connect legacy operational technology devices to each other and into existing and new IIoT architecture

A New Standard

Industry 4.0 promises $ trillions in value creation, but this requires truly decentralized mesh networks, where devices connect directly with each other and communicate in real-time with high security and low latency. Efforts have been made along these lines previously by taking a bunch of little centers and distributing around the system. Not only is this formidable from a deployment and management perspective, but this only takes an existing problem and distributes it.

Once everything can securely communicate in real time with anything else point-to-point, true decentralization becomes a possibility and the business opportunities are infinite. This is a new era in technology, networks and automated and smart functionality.