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Easy to Deploy

dOISP has been designed to cause the least amount of disruption to internal ongoing business and technological processes. dOISP can be deployed through an organization's own network administration dashboard. Where root access to a device is not feasible, or the device does not have the resources to enable dOISP, a piece of hardware called P-Quant Relay, which has dOISP already installed, can be physically deployed next to the device, so that it sits between port access on the device and the network.

No Management Required

Networks that have dOISP installed manage their own security. Management the security of large networks not only introduces room for error and breach, but is hugely expensive and time consuming. Further, APIs allow for logging to be reported to a reporting system, either provided by Iothic or the organizations own administrative control dashboard. This removes the need for active key management or certificate management functions. Set and forget post-quantum network security and communications is now not some science fiction fantasy, it is here today.

On Even when Off

dOISP is a zero trust architecture. Authentication does not persist and keys are ephemeral. Every session must be freshly authenticated with secrets that evolve from session to session, and fresh encryption keys must be used, thus providing Perfect Forward Security.
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