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Iothic has its roots at The University of Oxford*, where over 12 years ago, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the United Kingdom commission a piece of security work to allow for dismounted assets (individual or groups of individuals) in the military theatre to authenticate with one another without the need for central command. The work laid the ideation from what was to become the dOISP, a human free, post-quantum secure, universal communications layer that allows anything to communication and trust anything else in realtime. dOISP is a result of over 15 years of work by the world’s top cryptographers and engineers.

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Founded in the UK from a solid academic and semi-government sponsored initiative, Iothic is embedded at the highest level of government across the globe. Furthermore, we are working closely with several key global corporate partners in key verticals to expedite the global rollout of this breakthrough in realtime intelligent networking.


Iothic is a truly international company, with members of the team made of several nationalities, interests and located across several timezones. With various backgrounds in cybersecurity, industrial corporate settings, and technical engineering, we bring vision to the world of industry.

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