<i> The Future is </i><i>Decentralized</i>
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The Future is Decentralized

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The decentralized Open Interoperable Security Protocol (dOISP) is a true breakthrough in networked communications. dOISP can run on anything, anywhere without turning off any existing technologies making it truly universal and easy to deploy. Management free fully decentralized authentication, security and interoperability between assets on all assets is the new standard.

Authentication Means Trust

Authentication is the core of any secure system. In order to transact, communicate and pass information, you need to trust who and what you are communicating with. Promising decentralized technologies such as blockchain and 5G/6G do not accurately authenticate their source but authenticate the certificate the source has.

All authentication is centralized, static and archaic. If only the certificate that a thing or person possesses is authenticated this leads to a lot of false trust. OISP changes that.

Post-Quantum Communication

True authentication is only the beginning of the story. Things need to be able to pass information between them securely, in ways the computers of today and tomorrow cannot intercept and decode. Image if there were nothing to hack, would a system be hackable? We think not.
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From finance, to communications to automation, the world is fast moving toward a truly decentralized model. Computer science has been built on a centralized client-server model of the world for the past 60 years. Cloud computing only is the latest iteration of this model. However, for truly self sustaining intelligent realtime communications and automation, everything needs to be able to communicate with anything else in realtime.